Accommodation Insurance

Australia’s Accommodation Industry is one of the most significant drivers of the nation’s economy.

Creating employment opportunities, consuming locally supplied goods and providing a meeting place and entertainment hub for tourists and the local community alike, the Accommodation sector allows many Australian communities to thrive. Such great responsibility should be backed up with a comprehensive insurance policy.

Insurance cover is important for the peace of mind of any business owner, particularly in the Accommodation sector where you take on greater risk by assuming responsibility for others residing in your property. It is therefore imperative that any business operating in this industry be covered for things like public and product liability, fire and storm damage, theft and even personal injury.

As a PSC Network Insurance Partner, we understand the unique risks and challenges of operating within the Accommodation sector. Whether you run a small country B&B or a cosmopolitan hotel, we know your business is unique and you need a policy that’s tailored to the specifics.

Our experienced brokers will work closely with you to identify the particular risks associated with your business, to source suitable cover at a competitive price.

As a PSC Network Insurance Partner, we are part of PSC Insurance Group, a publicly listed insurance intermediary business. PSC Insurance Group has a proven track record protecting the business and personal assets of small to medium enterprises in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

That means we’ve got more to offer you and help you negotiate your way through your insurance. Whether that’s just working with you to understand your business and the range of risks that are unique to your business, through to using our considerable buying power to negotiate with insurers on your behalf.

While bed and breakfasts, motels, hotels and serviced apartments are often collated under the same umbrella, we recognise that each has different risks and needs. Your Authorised Representative is able to work with you and your insurer to find a solution to meet your specific insurance requirements.

As well as ensuring you have the most appropriate coverage possible from a reputable insurer, Accommodation Insurance solutions include:

  • Advice on insurance risk identification, management and mitigation strategies
  • Support in the event you need to make a claim
  • Assistance with other business and personal insurance requirements